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Stevie Starr:
The Regurgitator


All our North American friends!

Stevie Starr came in 4th place in
America's Got Talent!

Thanks you to all our fans, and to everyone who voted,
making the experience an unforgettable one,
and even Astounding Penn and Teller!

YouTube logo Watch Stevie's appearance on the show

Stevie Starr's Got Talent!

Stevie Starr was on Britain's Got Talent! (BGT) in May,
and made it through to the semi-finals. See Stevie on BGT on YouTube

Stevie Starr Tributes | Click here to see loads of video of Stevie

A Scottish accented voice says "Good Evening", the crowd buzzes with eager anticipation, the young man holds up a light bulb, pops it into his mouth and swallows it. The stunned silence erupts into deafening applause. It is the beginning of the most astonishing act you will ever see.

A bizarre phenomenon to the world of showbiz, this ginger haired, slightly built, thirty-four year old baffles his audience by swallowing a variety of items and then bringing them up again, not only dry and clean, but.....TO ORDER!!

Whether it be large coins, Rubic's cubes, ladies rings or live goldfish, Stevie never fails to return them without injury to himself or the fish!

The idea may seem unbelievable, but after Stevie has smoked a cigarette without exhaling any smoke and then injested and returned a billiard ball, all doubts give way to wonder, excitement and applause from an audience that cannot believe their eyes.

Just tell me when you'd like some smoke" says Stevie, "Would you like all or half of it? Or how about putting it in a soap bubble?"

Next to disappear down Stevie's throat is a miniature Rubic's cube and when he returns it - SURPRISE - all the rows have been turned.

Among the other amazing stunts Stevie performs is swallowing a bowl-full of dry sugar followed by a glass or two of water and then bringing the sugar back bone dry. Or how about swallowing a gentleman's ring followed by a locked padlock and the key and returning them with the ring locked inside the padlock!

Maybe the stunned audience would like a card trick (swallowed, of course) before Stevie swallows two live goldfish, only to return them unharmed at the end of the show (having drunk enough water to keep them swimming happily inside).

For television shows Stevie can swallow numbered coins and return whatever number the audience requests. From one to ten he produces the correct coin every time!

Stevie Starr spent the first eighteen years of his life in a children's home in Glasgow, and it was there that he discovered his own very special talent. "I think I was about four when I started swallowing my pocket money", says Stevie, "and then I tried other things like going out into the garden and swallowing a bumble bee and then bringing him back and letting him fly away." A stunt he repeated many years later on his second appearance on the American TV show 'That's Incredible'.

The resulting show is one of rare distinction and a delight to all ages. Paul Daniels described it as the most exciting act that he'd had on his show!

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please contact Mike Malley

Television Appearances Include:
  • "Tonite With Jay Leno" (USA) (x6)
  • "Late Night With Letterman" (USA)
  • "Arsenio Hall Show (USA)
  • "Howard Stern Show" (USA)
  • "Incredible Sunday" (USA)
  • "Thats Incredible" (USA) (x2)
  • "The Big Gig" (Australia) (x2)
  • "Tonight With Steve Vizard (Australia) (x3)
  • "Ray Martin Show (Australia) (x4)
  • "Mike Bongiorno Show" (Italy) (x2)
  • "Droom Fabriek" (Holland) (x2)
  • "Supertreffer" (Switzerland)
  • "Varietta Di San Silvestro" (Switzerland)
  • "Älä Katso" (Finland)
  • Porque Hoy Es Sabado" (Chile)
  • "Fantastico" (Puerta Rico) (x2)
  • "The Last Resort" (England) (x3)
  • "Secret Cabaret" (England)
  • "Saturday Top Special" (Japan)
  • "Nippon TV Special" (Japan)
  • "Sabado Gigantes" (Miami)

Stevie has also appeared on TV shows in Canada, Caracas, Spain, Sweden, Norway, France, Malta, New Zealand, Denmark.