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Tony Lee: The Ultimate Hypnosis Show

Tony Lee is rated among, and often shares nominations with, some of the largest touring acts in the Canadian entertainment industry, such as Swollen Members, Chantal Kreviazuk, Great Big Sea and The Tea Party, among many others, through the Canadian Organisation of Campus Activities (C.O.C.A.). “TONY LEE The Ultimate Hypnosis Show” has maintained a record of taking home the “Best Act” award. Other acts that have been nominated through C.O.C.A. include Mr. Dress-up, Jim Carrey, Bare Naked Ladies and many more. Therefore, Tony Lee is not self-recognized; he has been voted as #1 for the past 5 years consecutively.

Tony is currently represented by Canada’s largest touring agency: S. L. Feldman and Associates. Feldman also represents such acts as Nelly Furtado, Brian Adams, Anne Murray and countless recording acts. He is currently the only non?recording act on their roster. In the United Kingdom and Europe he is exclusively represented by Mike Malley Entertainments who manages Guinness Book of World Records holder, Stevie Star, The Regurgitator.

In the past 8 years, “TONY LEE The Ultimate Hypnosis Show” has collected a total of 20 nominations and awards for categories such as Comedian of the Year, Entertainer of the Year and Variety Entertainer of the Year. Tony Lee is the ONLY official award winning X?rated hypnotist in the world and has inspired many other touring hypnotists in the world.

TONY LEE The Ultimate Hypnosis Show” is a pillar of international and Canadian entertainment, touring over 300 performances across the world per year, 160 of which are the United Kingdom and Canadian college and university campuses. Over the last 18 years of touring, Tony Lee has reached over 5 million people. This translates to one of eight people in Canada whom have been exposed to the Tony Lee Phenomenon. Other countries his show has corrupted include, Saudi Arabia, United States of America, Mexico and the Bahamian Islands. Therefore, it is not a stretch to say that Tony Lee is a household name worldwide.

The history of the most diverse man in the universe, Tony Lee, started in Breda, Holland, where he was born and then immigrated to Calgary, Alberta, Canada with his family when he was four. This was where he was to fulfill his destiny of changing the entertainment world forever.

At the age of 13, Tony owned a D.J. company in Calgary and within 2 years had expanded it into a prominent audiovisual industry. At that time, Tony was “live” on the air tackling radio broadcasting. At the age of 15, Tony Lee was already a local radio celebrity to Calgary. It was then Tony decided to expand and move into the food and beverage industry. By the age of 16, Tony Lee became the manager of the Hard Rock Café at the Glenmore Inn where he also began dabbling in the art of hypnosis. He continued to dominate the food and beverage industry by managing Curly’s Restaurant chain, Claudio’s Restaurant Group governing 16 food and beverage outlets, and many others while building his hypnosis act.

Currently, “TONY LEE The Ultimate Hypnosis Show” is challenging another market: Global National Television as TONY LEE TV. There is no doubt, in the face of Global Marketing, that TONY LEE TV will be one of the most viewed television sitcoms for the very near future. Stay tuned…