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Hot Latin band

“Coco Xpress”

Xpress - a 5piece authentic hot Latin band with a generous helping of spice!

With Salsa, Merengue, Lambada, Bugaloo, Cumbia and more - representing all the popular Latino rythms and countries, from Cuba to Colombia via Santo Domingo, this band will guarantee an excellent night's entertainment, for top dancers and left-footed tropical party-goers alike.

"Coco" means coconut in Spanish, and the band is guaranteed to bring you all the flavour and heat of Latin America and the Caribbean.

Coco Xpress features Latino singer Guillermo with not only a rich voice but also an entertaining manner and some hilarious routines.

Also in the front line is female alto sax/ flute player Nina: not only a strong musician but also a smooth dancer - to make the band as easy on the eyes as it is on the ears!

The line-up is rounded off with Rivera swinging on bass guitar, Dominican Wilson "El Diablo" - a maniacal devil at the piano, and Hamish on conga drums - a talented group of musicians who know that on-stage presentation and lively performance is every bit as important as talented musicianship.

As a 5 piece band, they comprise 4 singing musicians - and playing handpercussion, piano, bass guitar and sax/flute, and conga drums.

Coco Xpress is equally suitable for parties, weddings and corporate events as it is for full-on Salsa dance nights, and will bring a repertoire of songs suitable for whichever occasion. They can also provide CD background music between sets, professional dancers or displays, dance classes, DJ's and other ideas to make the evening swing. They are based in London, with frequent appearances in the Capital's busiest salsa venues, but will travel anywhere, and recently completed a 3 week engagement at a "Holiday Inn" nightclub in the Middle East.

Musical Styles

Coco Xpress play mainly Salsa and Merengue, but with examples of the other styles thrown in for variety. All styles use at least one singer, plus backing vocals.

Salsa: originally developed out of Cuban "Son" via "Mambo" in the 1950's. Now is most played in Cuba, Colombia, Puerto Rico and New York. It has a big brassy sound, and can be romantic or fiery. In Latin America, this is the music you generally hear the most on the Radio.

Merengue: up-tempo, energetic, easily accessible music, originally from the Dominican Republic in the Caribbean, where it is actually their "Pop" music, although it evolved out of country folk-dance music in the 1880's. In the past, bands consisted of accordion, percussion and sax, but accordion is now replaced by piano + bass guitar, and there are often up to 4 brass instruments. Merengue is very big in all Latin countries today.

Cumbia: is rootsy music native to Colombia, with a laid back feel, similar to reggae. It usually features lots of percussion, and the sound of sax and trumpet.

Bugaloo: a throw back to the 60's when it was very popular, it has come around again. A funky, jazzy, slower sound, often with much brass.

Bomba: similar to merengue music, also from the Caribbean area, Puerto Rico and Venezuela. A very Caribbean feel, but sung in Spanish.

Lambada: by special request! Lambada actually comes from Brazil, where the music is very different to other Latin styles, but as it is also a sexy couples dance, it fits in very well with salsa.

Have a listen to their tracks decide for yourself!
(Note: Requires Windows Media Player (WMP), WinAmp, or other audio players. If the music does not play automatically when you click on the link, save the file to your hard disk, and open with WMP or WinAmp.)

  1. Duena del Swing (mp3) (1.6MK)
  2. No vale la Pena (mp3) (1.8Mb)

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